Gloriously illustrated by our very own Adam Stower.

Cuddle up and laugh with this heart-warming and hilarious picture book with your special someones, big and little, from master storyteller David Walliams. The charming story of a courageous little panda on a very big adventure. 

   One morning, deep in the forest, a beautiful baby panda was born, different to all the other pandas he had dazzling orange fur. "I will call you Marmalade!" His mummy whispered, she couldn't be more in love.

Marmalade realises that he's different from the other pandas in the forest and adventures on his own into the forest to find other orange animals incuding tigers but after meeting them all he finds his way back home where he knows he belongs.

Marmalade is published on 17th February by Harper Collins Children's Books

Marmalade is the ninth picture book by David Walliams and the second collaboration with Adam Stower.

Adam first worked with David on Little Monsters, he said:

“David Walliams’ story is full of warmth and the little orange panda at its heart is as determined as he is cute. It was a pleasure to illustrate the lush and colourful world of Marmalade, packed as it is with wonderful characters from Moon bears to pangolins and many more besides. What a joy! “

David Walliams said,

“This book is like an early spring, colourful, light and joyous. Adam Stower has done a marvellous job on the illustrations which bring my story to life. It tells the tale of a baby panda named Marmalade who thinks like he doesn’t fit because his fur is orange. Marmalade goes on an epic journey through the forest meeting all the weird and wonderful creatures along the way to find out where he belongs.”

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Adam Stower Marmalade tiger vignette