Brooms and dustpans at the ready it’s time for some canine chaos in Calm Down, Cooper! a witty rhyming romp written by best-selling author Lily Murray and illustrated by our very own Anna Chernyshova.

Cooper is top dog in his household, a real prize pooch, but when a mischievous parrot named Pandemonium joins the family things get chaotic pretty quickly. When Copper’s owners head out for the day leaving him in charge of protecting the house for the very first time he’s desperate to make a good impression. Despite good intentions, Pandy sabotages poor Cooper as the parrot’s increasingly exotic friends come to visit creating havoc and mess the likes of which Cooper has never seen before. Will Cooper manage to maintain a level head and manage the mayhem or will his owners arrive home to animal armageddon?

This vibrant fun-filled picture book will charm and delight young readers and beautifully showcases Anna’s enviable talent for creating lively, heart-string tugging animal friends.

Calm Down, Cooper! publishes with Buster Books on the 23rd July, you can grab a copy of this tale of unconditional love HERE. Anna will be painting Cooper and friends on to the windows of Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge on publication day and at The Alligator’s Mouth Bookshop on Monday 27th July.

Anna can be found on Twitter and Instagram and you can view her fabulous online portfolio HERE. For more information about working with Anna please email

Here are some sneak peeks of our favourites from Calm Down, Cooper!


Calm Down, Cooper! Illustrated by Anna Chernyshova