We were tasked with creating 30 character portraits from this popular best selling series. For this new compendium, which acts as a retelling of the previous stories by an archivist. The author, Derek Landy has chosen some of our finest talent to recreate the characters from the Skulduggery world. He was delighted with the first drawings and very easy to work with. He said...

"I love the portraits of Val, Ghastly, Sanguine, Darquesse, and Uro — all so cool...and the Vampire... LOVE the face"

We worked with Tomislav Tomic, Joe Lillington, Matthew Land, Adam Stower, Euan Cook, Frances Castle and Steve May for the portraits, all creating a different atmosphere for each of the characters.

The book itself brings together all the adventures of the iconic skeleton detective Skulduggery Pleasant, this stunningly illustrated compendium also features with a dark new story, told as a graphic novel, plenty of surprises and an indispensable reference tool for navigating the entire wild cast of characters in the series.

As the Skulduggery Pleasant series nears its end (again), relive the adventure in this lavishly illustrated compendium of all things Skulduggery. Featuring a unique run-down of the books so far, it also includes an invaluable reference tool for the dizzying cast of characters, as well as bonuses, surprises, and a dark story all of its own.

Published by Harper Collins on 27th May 2021

You can purchase your own copy from Waterstones, other online booksellers are available!

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