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Artist Spotlight - Matthew Land

Just after the recent publication of The Wall Between us, Matthew agreed to take part in our latest Artist Spotlight...

Matthew Land Illustrates Historical Fiction for Chicken House

Prepare to be chilled by the latest gorgeously evocative wartime ghost story by Dan Smith with stunning atmospheric cover illustration...

Presenting Matthew Land's updated portfolio

We thought we would add some new illustrations to Matthews online portfolio showcasing his particular skill in character work, his...

12 Days of Yule Matthew Land

Matthew Land's 12 days of Yule is inspired by the Scottish countryside he so loves. He works in delicate watercolour underpinned by...

Matthew Land

Matthew Land

Matthew grew up on a dairy farm somewhere in the welsh hills and in spite of his great love and appreciation of the outdoors he steered clear of a career in the family business (mostly but not completely because he doesn't digest dairy well). Instead he read and drew almost compulsively and has continued to do so because he never especially wanted a proper job.

He graduated from University College Falmouth in 2012 and wanting a change of scene, Matthew moved to Edinburgh and worked as a children's bookseller in Blackwell's Bookshop. After some time living in Oxford, his bookselling experience rekindled his passion for fiction and storytelling and he has returned to Edinburgh where he now lives, reads and draws.

Matthew is influenced by heroes from the golden age of British book illustration, including Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter and William Heath Robinson. He utilizes ink linework and watercolour and a touch of digital tweaking to breathe life into his unusual characters.


  • Floris Books
  • Inside Housing
  • Oxford University Press
  • Penguin Random House
  • SS Great Britain
  • Usborne