It’s always a delight to see our Illustrators’ talents spotlighted in art publications and this spring Levi Pinfold stars as a featured artist in Illustration Magazine.

This interview by editor Ruth Prickett explores the magical realism of Levi’s breath-taking illustrations for which he has won multiple accolades and awards including the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal for Black Dog (Templar Books). Once again, he has been shortlisted for the same award this year, for his picture book The Dam (Walker Studio), written by David Almond.

With an eclectic array of inspirations from Pre-Raphaelite paintings, the illustrations of John Burningham, architecture and the culture and landscapes of his new home in Australia, Levi’s style gently evolves with each creative project. From author illustrated pictures books to intricate designs for the covers of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter new House Editions, Levi has cleverly managed to avoid being pigeonholed.

“You need to be inspired and fall in love and then stand on your heroes’ shoulders. You never stop being a student” – Levi Pinfold

In an extract from the Illustration Magazine piece Levi concludes…

“Illustrators need talent, luck and perseverance to succeed, two of these you can’t do much about, so you need to work really hard on the third and capitalise on every opportunity you get.”  “I set out to draw and to do things with drawing and I’m just happy being able to do that.”

With so many awards already under his belt, Pinfold seems set to become one of those artists likely to inspire future generations of illustrators. However, when asked how he’d like to be remembered, he laughs and says that if he’s remembered at all it would be marvellous. (Extract from Illustration Magazine Spring 2020 edition)


Here is a small selection of the illustrations adorning the pages of Illustration Magazine.



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