Gigantosaurus by award-winning illustrator Jonny Duddle is back and better than ever.

There is something thrilling about seeing our artists’ work move from ideas in a sketchbook to the pages of physical books held in the hands of readers, and there is something even more magical in watching a picture book transition from a story captured on the page to a successful international brand.

Gigantosaurus by Jonny Duddle is just one of those very special projects which we have been lucky enough to be part of from the moment it hatched as an initial concept in Jonny's little sketchbook.

Now celebrating it's 10th Year of publishing Templar have released a very special 10th Anniversay edition with bonus material for new budding paleantologists everywhere.

"I can’t believe it’s been ten years since the publication of Gigantosaurus. It’s grown into something much bigger than I’d ever imagined, thanks to the Gigantosaurus TV show. I’m delighted that Templar are publishing a new edition of the original picture book, with some extra pages of dino-doodling goodness. Hopefully children will still be enjoying the Gigantosaurus story ten years from now!"  Jonny Duddle

First published in hardback in 2014 by Templar Publishing complete with a lavish fold out poster, brilliantly designed by Mike Jolley, we knew Jonny’s dino pals were set to be a huge hit with his loyal young fanbase.

With the hardback and paperback versions of Gigantosaurus proving a gigantic success, in 2015 Cyber Group Studios stepped in with a concept to create an animated TV series for Disney and Netflix based on Jonny’s beloved characters.

With fans now able to access Jonny’s magical dinosaur adventures both in book form and on the small screen, Templar expertly set to work on a series of new books to complement this popular television series. With sticker books, activity books, one-off adventures, books with dinosaur puppets, and seasonal specials the book brand grew from strength to strength.

"Already beyond our wildest dreams, the brand continued to grow with the addition of a range of merchandise including action figures, clothing, bikes, puzzles and more. Each item thoughtfully created to echo the original characters from Jonny’s picture book."

“It has been hugely exciting to see Gigantosaurus come to life off the page. The transition seemed incredibly seamless and Cyber have done an amazing job. The animations are both very entertaining and they teach kids about team-work, kindness & perseverance which makes it a ‘winner’ for parents.

The tie-in books have sold across 24 countries to date, and are in many different formats, ranging from straight episode tie-in picture books to Colouring & Activity and even a ROARR Puppet Book!

We plan an exciting array of new Gigantosaurus tie-in formats for the future, particularly concentrating on the gorgeous new baby characters. We hope that the animation continues to become more & more popular across the world, which will encourage more tie-in copies to be sold globally." - Rebecca Nash - Brand Licensing Manager, Templar Books, part of Bonnier Books 

“The delight in seeing a book through from concept to a book in the hands of young readers is thrilling enough but then to observe it emerging from marketing campaign to fully-fledged high-end brand complete with apparel and television is incredible. It really gives the art of picture book creation the credibility it deserves. There are so many people involved in making projects like this evolve; designers, editors, agents, publishers, marketeers, production teams, rights teams, booksellers and more, so it makes it more magical to see a book like Giganotosaurus become the phenomenon which it deserves to be.”  Emma O’Donovan - Templar Marketing Dept. (at time of publication)

We are also delighted to announce Doodle with Duddle ‘ How to Draw Dinosaurs’, a brand new book out this summer published by Templar Publishing, where you can learn some exclusive top scribbling tips from Jonny himself, This brilliantly accessible book contains step by step guides to drawing some of Jonny’s most well-loved dinosaur creations.

A spread from this book features in the special 10th anniversary edition.

We would like to wish Jonny, Gigantosaurus and the gang a VERY happy 10th Birthday, here’s to many million more!

You can find Jonny reading the book to keep your little ones amunsed on this Vimeo link and lots of his creations over on Instagram.

With a background in the computer games industry and his concept work featuring in blockbuster Aardman animations Jonny has an unrivalled skill for creating engaging and unique characters. Following a brief career climbing the rigging of real-life pirate ships to setting anchor at his drawing desk Jonny is now a certified landlubber and lives in the remote Welsh countryside with his family.

And you can view his spectacular online portfolio HERE.

For more information regarding collaborating with Jonny or for event enquiries please email

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