All the way from state side comes an utterly charming picture book illustrated by Anna Chernyshova publishing in America with Worthy Kids Penguin and Moose looks set to fly sky high with its jolly illustrations and Hannah C Halls gently lyrical text.


Penguin and Moose enjoy and unlikely friendship, portly little penguin and cumbersome Moose together try to conquer the skills required to fly. From balloons, treetop starts, cocooning like a caterpillar. The more they desperately try to get airborne, but no matter how hard they try, Penguin remains firmly on the ground. At the end of the day, a tired and disappointed Penguin realises that he has something better than the ability to fly, he has a friend that supports and loves him no matter what. This series debut celebrates the power of friendship and acceptance.


Anna’s skill for creating engaging and entertaining characters beams from the pages of this special book. Hearts will be stolen by this delightful black and white penguin and we look forward to seeing what adventures this delightful duo come up with next.


Having trained in academic drawing in Russia, Anna spent her MA discovering her own personal visual language by experimenting with a looser quality of mark making and simplifying form – she continues to enjoy experimenting with different media and textures which she combines digitally. Anna takes her inspiration from Soviet and American illustrators of the 1920’s to 50’s. She’s also inspired by the world around her and loves to sketch the places, people and animals that she observes on a daily basis.


You can view Anna’s online portfolio HERE or follow her on Instagram and Twitter. For more information about working with Anna please email