In the world of publishing one of the very greatest accolades a book or artist can aspire to is making the front cover of The Bookseller magazine.

This week we are celebrating the work of Thomas Flintham and his fantastic illustrations for the Izzy and friends’ series. For a decade Thomas Flintham has collaborated with author Pamela Butchart on this delightfully humorous series and now as a featured artist on the cover of the latest edition they will be engaging over 30,000 booksellers, librarians and retailers.

With over 600,000 copies of the books sold and a World Book Day special under their belt, Pamela and Tom have made a dynamic and hugely successful team. The magic of Pamela's storytelling lies in her ability to craft tales that mirror the joys and challenges of growing up. Children instantly connect with her lovable characters, each one brimming with their own unique quirks and endearing traits. As they follow the escapades of Izzy and her friends, young readers find themselves navigating a world filled with friendship, imagination, and a whole lot of laughter – but once you’ve completed the series, readers may struggle knowing where to explore next. Never fear, we’re here to point you in the direction of some other fantastic books that you’ll love! Each book is smattered with quirky illustrations perfectly emphasising the comedy in Pamela’s writing.

Tom has a distinctive and eclectic illustrative identity with bold lines, vivid colours, expressive faces, and beautiful character creations. He works digitally and is heavily influenced by the stunning area where he lives on the south coast, alongside more fantastic settings inspired by his lifelong love of computer games. He has an extensive catalogue of projects under his belt including numerous award-winning illustrated fiction titles.

You can find the entire Izzy and friends’ series over on the Nosy Crow website! Enjoy.

Congratulations to Pamela and Thomas and three cheers to at least 10 more years of publishing collaboration.

If you enjoy Tom’s work you might also like the Super Rabbit Boy, Press Start series, also published by Nosy Crow and soon to hit the small screens as an animation.


Check out Thomas Flintham on Instagram and you can also view his fabulous online portfolio HERE.

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