Jonny Duddle’s book Gigantosaurus has been made into a fantastic TV series by our clever animation friends at Cyber Group Studios in Paris. The series is directed by Olivier LeLardoux, who also worked with Jonny on The Pirates Next Door TV series. Jonny’s characters have been brought to life for the small screen by the talented animators at Cyber Group and will now broadcast to a Worldwide audience on Disney, who were production partners for the show alongside France TV.

Cyber Group Studios  Disney
Cyber Group Studios Disney

There have been sneak peaks of the show on you tube for a limited period online showcasing the theme tune, trailer and snippets from the episodes.

Cyber Group Studios Disney

Our four little dino heroes share their adventures with the enormous Gigantosuarus and a new cast of dinosaur characters, which Jonny also designed, we featured them in this post…

Cyber Group Studios Disney

Each of the four dinosaurs, Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu has their own way of dealing with the challenges of life in the prehistoric era, overshadowed by huge characters these little dinos learn to shine in their own right. Rocky is a Parasaurolophus, who is a fearless daredevil who looks before he leaps head first into danger. Bill the Brachiosaurus is quite the opposite, scared of his own shadow and is likely to retreat at the first sign of trouble.Mazu is the world’s most inquisitive Ankylosaurus and always asks the question, “Why?” And Tiny, the carefree Triceratops has fun with everything and a sunny disposition.

Cyber_Group_Studios Disney_Junior France_Tele2018