In the 10th anniversary year of the publication of Gigantosaurus it’s time to sharpen your pencils and get ready to celebrate the incredible artistic talent of illustrator Jonny Duddle.

We are primed and ready with the publication of Doodle with Duddle ‘How to Draw Dinosaurs’, a brand new book hitting the shelves this summer with Templar Publishing. Doodle with Duddle explores Jonny’s skill for character creation as readers are guided through some exclusive top scribbling tips from Jonny himself.

This brilliantly accessible book contains step-by-step guides to drawing some of Jonny’s most well loved dinosaur creations from Gigantosaurus, as well as mastering the art of drawing real-life dinosaurs. Not only will you hone your drawing skills, but each spread is also packed with fascinating facts, so your brains will be full to the brim with incredible and little-known morsels of Cretaceous information. This book is beautifully designed with a variety of layouts featuring creative activities, story extracts, drawing tips and more.

We couldn’t be more delighted to share Jonny’s extraordinary artistic talents in this new format activity book and can’t wait to see some new budding illustrators emerge.

You can draw along with Duddle himself on YouTube where you can master the art of drawing Diplodocus and Ankylosaurus amongst many other well-known favourites and even Gigantosaurus himself!

From life on the high seas astride the rigging of a real-life pirate ship to a career in computer game design Jonny has an incredible talent for character and world creation. With several best-selling books under his belt including work for the Harry Potter Childrens Editions, character design for Aardman's Pirates  and winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, Jonny has become one of the most recognisable talents in the children’s books industry. An avid collector of books Jonny’s first inspiration in the illustrative realm was Where the Wild Things Are creator Maurice Sendak, he now greatly admires the work of his peers alongside the work of contemporary comic and graphic novel illustrators.

You can find Jonny on Instagram and view his online portfolio HERE.

Grab a copy of Doodle with Duddle: How to Draw Dinosaurs HERE

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