Joe Lillington was commissioned to create over fifty black and white chapter head illustrations for a wonderful new series of three books for Puffin Classics: Tales From India, Tales From Africa and Tales From The Caribbean.

Tales From India is a collection of twenty stories from India’s rich folklore heritage. From wicked magicians to wise old priests, charming princes and beautiful princesses, to greedy tigers and wily jackals, these magical tales are full of adventure and trickery, and infused with deeper messages about morality, Life and the world around us. From India’s Mughul folktales, award-winning author Bali Rai‘s lively retellings, along with Joe’s accompanying illustrations are a delight for readers of all ages.

'The Charmed Ring' and 'The Rabbit and The Lion' illustrations by Joe Lillington

‘The Charmed Ring’ and ‘The Rabbit and The Lion’

'The Magic Bowl' and 'The Farmer and The Giant' illustrated by Joe Lillington

‘The Magic Bowl’ and ‘The Farmer and The Giant’


Tales From The Caribbean is a magical collection of over twenty traditional stories gathered from the Caribbean’s many different islands. People say that there once was a time when animals walked on two feet and spoke with words… What happens to the monkey who goes looking for trouble? From the very first Kingfisher to Anansi the Spider Man, Trish Cooke expertly retells the precious stories from the islands with¬†humour and pathos.

'Papa Bwa and Monkey Trouble' and 'The Singing Turtle' illustrated by Joe Lillington

‘Papa Bwa and Monkey Trouble’ and ‘The Singing Turtle’

'The Elf Stone','The First Kingfisher' and 'The Elephant Drum' illustrated by Joe Lillington

‘The Elf Stone’,’The First Kingfisher’ and ‘The Elephant Drum’


Tales From Africa is a collection of nine folktales gathered from many different kingdoms across the continent and brought vividly to life with humour and poetry by Ghanaian author, K. P. Kojo. Joe’s atmospheric images really convey the energy and¬†rhythm of the text.

'The Cheetah's Whisker' and 'The Jackal and The Lion' illustrated by Joe Lillington

‘The Cheetah’s Whisker’ and ‘The Jackal and The Lion’

'Um Bsisi's Milk' and 'Where The King Washes' illustrated by Joe Lillington

‘Um Bsisi’s Milk’ and ‘Where The King Washes’