Quotes By Aleksei Bitskoff


Aleksei’s new personal work focuses on inspirational quotes from inspirational people such as scientists, authors, activists, cartoonists, and also teachings from religious ideas. Aleksei is a passionate and devoted doodler, who creates dream like worlds inhabited by little monsters, patterns and people, which often come from his subconscious. Through his personal work, we can get a real glimpse inside his mind.


Aleksei Bitskoff Quotes


“I spent years doodling, inventing new line curves, subconsciously developing some sort of visual language which I would later use to communicate my thoughts and ideas. This language actively shapes the reality I live in. I was doodling in class at school, college and then on my day job.”


Quotes by Aleksei Bitskoff

We also can’t get enough of Aleksei’s hand drawn lettering, his mixtures of font that in keep with his style are brilliant. With the demand for illustrator’s unique font rising, you can bet you’ll be seeing a lot more of Aleksei around!