From the acclaimed children’s book illustrator and author, Adam Stower’s Dinosaurs is one of eight new PICTURA titles published by Templar this month. This stunning series of black and white art, created by some of the world’s most respected illustrators is available for all ages to collect and colour.

Adam’s dramatic depiction of prehistoric earth brings to life a T-rex hunting a triceratops, whilst a herd of diplodocus look for lunch and a pteranodon swoops overhead.
It all begins with a line… here’s a line from Adam Stower:

Where does your art usually begin: concept or line?

“I love sketchbooks. I always have one to hand. I use them for sketching from life around me, but predominantly I fill them with drawings from my imagination. The characters that populate my picture books emerge from the page of my sketchbooks, so I would say that my art begins with a line, although the ideas are never far behind.”

PICTURA: Adam Stower's Dinosaurs

PICTURA: Adam Stower’s Dinosaurs

Pictura: Adam Stower's Dinosaur