Published by Templar  2nd February 2014

Published by Templar 2nd February 2014

Gigantosaurus, from award winning author and illustrator Jonny Duddle, is a brand new gorgeous picture book about Dinosaurs. Beautiful landscapes and detailed, lush forests of ancient ferns are a playground setting for dinokids; Bonehead, Tiny, Fin and Bill as they go on their adventures in the Cretaceous sun. They meet a triceratops, a diplodocus, a stegosaurus and a very scary Gigantosaurus in this crazy prehistoric caper with a moral lesson which shows how liars are rewarded: even if they tell the truth, no one believes them. The new hardback edition comes with an enormous poster featuring the gigantosaurus chasing our four little heroes. This is Jonny’s 4th picture book published by Templar Publishing and is made with the dedication of the whole team at Templar and the creative expertise and guidance of Mike Jolley and Libby Hamilton.

Look out for Jonny at some of the major UK Book festival this year and in a Waterstones near you.

It's just a Triceratops

It’s just a Triceratops

It's old Diplodocus

It’s old Diplodocus

It's Stegosaurus

It’s Stegosaurus

Meet the dinosaurs in this book

Meet the dinosaurs in this book

The jaws went crunch

The jaws went crunch