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New Book Cover Art by Natalie Smilie

There are many exciting things happening at Arena HQ we’re not sure where to start! We thought a good place to lay our first...

Introducing New Arena Illustrator Natalie Smillie

We are pleased to introduce our newest Arena illustrator Natalie Smillie and are so excited to be working with her...

Natalie Smillie

Natalie Smillie

Natalie attended Plymouth College of Art and Design, pursued a career in the Royal Air Force, then returned to Visual Communication as a mature student in Aberdeen. She now lives in Devon with her family. While at college she turned every brief, even the graphic design ones into illustration.

Natalie has been drawing and making things ever since she can remember, coming from a creative family. She sketches onto her iPad rather than on paper - she keeps layers of notes, scribbles and word maps. Creating full colour illustrations by painting using Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq.

Natalie loves looking to the past for inspiration. For example, the art of Eyvind Earle and Mary Blair, for the shapes and the forms they use which don’t seem to date. She also adores Monet's use of light for magical and ethereal qualities.

Natalie’s dream job is to illustrate stories full of magic, humour and mythology, or anything a bit scary.


    • Barrington Stoke
    • Hachette Children's Books
  • Scholastic Children's Books
  • Simon & Schuster
  • World Food Program


The Nightsilver Promise
Natalie Smillie Griffin Gate agnje3
Natalie Smillie The Strangeworlds Travel Agency xsakh4
Natalie Smillie Magical Spirals ydmlsz
Natalie Smillie - Character sketch
Lady with a hamster
Natalie Smillie Secret Garden sywscg
Natalie Smillie Mermaid Diamond April fyhvdq
Natalie Smillie Stars vdkmcy
Natalie Smillie Circe xqffjh
Natalie Smillie Animals of the Arctic fj87p9
Natalie Smillie Harry Potter Characters copy m2g8gl
Natalie Smillie Halloween Girl Close Up i96h8n
Natalie Smillie The Terrible Three sp6ouy
Natalie Smillie Artemis lzldit
Natalie Smillie Book Covers The Shining ewuzru