Carnegie Medal winning author Katya Balen and Richard Johnson reunite for their third story together, Little House published by Barrington Stoke - an enchanting and thought provoking novella.

Juno would prefer to be spending her summer having fun with her friends and her mum but instead, she's sent to her grandpa's so her mum can go off to help save the world from earthquakes, wars, floods and famines. Despite her grandpa's best endeavours, Juno's furious she's been left behind... until she dicovers a long-forgotten, cracked and faded little wooden house along with it's tiny inhabitants in her grandpa's attic. "A little family. All alone. Their house in ruins."

As she works with her grandpa to carefully craft a new home for this family, can she learn to forgive her mum and understand her reasons for leaving her?

This is a tender and heartbreaking story which is exquisitely illustrated by Richard Johnson. It's about a young girl's relationship with her grandfather as well as her realisation that there is sadness in the world and the importance of home, and hope... "To make them feel that life can still be beautiful."


Balen commented: "I am so honoured to be writing another book for Barrington Stoke. I love being free to tell small stories that hopefully carry big meaning, and for those stories to be treated with such care. I am also so excited and lucky to have been paired with Richard Johnson again whose work adds a whole new richness and depth to the book."

You can see more of Richard's atmospheric and beautifully crafted interior illustrations from Little House on his online portfolio

You can buy your copy of Little House which is published by Barrington Stoke, an imprint of Harper Collins HERE.

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Richard Johnson - Little House
Interior illustration of a hand holding doll's house model of a baby from Little House, written by Katya Balen