arena_levi-pinfold_CILIP With the winners of the prestigious 2018 CILIP Kate Greenaway, Amnesty and Carnegie Medals being announced on the 18th June we get a rare insight into the illustrative process with 2018 shortlisted and former winning Illustrator Levi Pinfold. In this video specially created for the CILIP CKG shadowing programme Levi describes, his technique, research process, inspirations, locations and more, giving a unique insight into the way in which he works and how A.F Harrold’s story evolved from concept to the finished book.     The Song from Somewhere Else by A.F Harrold illustrated by Levi Pinfold, Published by Bloomsbury has been both shortlisted for this years Kate Greenaway Medal and long-listed for the Carnegie, alongside and amongst others, King of the Sky by Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Laura Carlin, Town is by The Sea by Joanne Schwarz and Sydney Smith and Thornhill written and illustrated by Pam Smy (find the full shortlist HERE).  Illustrated in atmospheric charcoal throughout this is a novel about two loners finding friendship in an unsettling and surreal way. Poignant, darkly comic and deeply moving this book projects a strong message about the power of the extraordinary, and finding friendship where you least expect it.    

“Levi’s haunting pictures play a delicate but profound role in making A.F’s words transport you off the page and into this magical world. The story was a tender tale about family and friendship and handled with just as much care as you’d hope. I loved this book.” –  Sisterspooky


The Song From Somewhere Else is a magical tale about how – sometimes – people might feel alien to us, but that families are universal, whoever you are. Levi Pinfold’s stunning, intricate and moody illustrations add an extra layer of atmosphere to this heartfelt and beautifully strange story.” –  Booktrust

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