In the newest edition to the Claude series our hero Claude, accidentally handcuffs Santa, who he thought was a robber! Who will deliver the presents to the children on Christmas Eve? Well Claude of course and his faithful companion, Sir Bobblysock save the day with hilarious consequences. Santa Claude is a must for any Christmas stocking, even adult ones, who will appreciate Alex T Smith‘s puns and jokes. Gloriously illustrated throughout with a stella line up of Alex’s clever characters, including PC Ann Cuffs, Beverly Clematis the florist, Percy Package the postman and a gorgeous plump Santa Claus.




Santa Claude is published in hardback by Hodder Children’s Books and can be bought from Waterstones, although other online retailers are available, as well as your local bookshop, where the friendly staff will help you find just the right book.




Santa Claude written and illustrated by Alex T. Smith