Aleksei Bitskoff was commissioned by Aardman Animations to develop NatWest’s characters Pigby and Friends. NatWest ran a national competition called, Pig by Kids for children to design a piggy bank for the launch of their children’s savings account. The winning entry was by 13-year-old Kwamina Longdon and Aardman used his piggy drawing as a basis for the rest of the designs for Pigby and his five friends, asking Aleksei to push the design further and give them different personalities. Working closely with Aardman director Darren Dubicki, he set about bringing to life; Truffles “the fashionista”; skater dude, Buzz “the adrenaline junky”; Pigasso “the artist”; Newton “the scientist”; Scamp “the sportswoman” and of course, Pigby “the little helper” who loves saving money and is always there to help his friends.

Check out the video on Aardman’s Commercials page on You Tube.

NatWest Pigby and Friends

Natwest Pigby and Friends

Truffles, Buzz, Pigasso, Newton and Scamp

Natwest Pigby and Friends