Meet Mrs Noodlekugel and her talking cat, Mr Fuzzface, who serves tea and bakes. Nick & Maxine are thrilled to learn that Mrs Noodlekugel is their new babysitter and visit her to make gingerbread mice. Adam Stower had the job of bringing Daniel Pinkwater’s ¬¨‚Ćcharacters to life. Published by Candlewick Press, USA.

Nick and Maxine told Mrs. Noodlekugel their names.

The mice scampered up the tablecloth and sat in a row at the edge of the table.

Nick and Maxine helped Mrs. Noodlekugel measure flour, molasses, butter and ground ginger

Mix it well! Mix it well! Now it’s time to roll out the dough.

Now the mice will lie down on the cookie dough.

Mr Fuzzface sat at the piano.

Now would you like tea with your gingerblobs?

Mrs Noodlekugel and Mr. Fuzzface