Spike has been praised for his ‘superb’ illustrations in this Kirkus Review:

Published by Magination Press

Author: Bennett, Howard J.
Illustrator: Gerrell, Spike

Review Date: May 15, 2011
Publisher:American Psychological Association/Magination
Pages: 48
Price ( Hardcover ): $14.95
Publication Date: May 15, 2011
ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-1-4338-0953-8
Category: Picture Books

Max is a detective who likes to “help kids with their problems”—this case takes on bedwetting.

Max relates to Billy‚’s issue of often waking up in a wet bed; he did not outgrow bedwetting until he ‚Äúwas eleven years old!‚Äù The fictional story allows Max to carefully take Billy and readers through this easy-to-read informational book about how to stay dry at night. Bennett strikes the right balance between story and self-help to provide a title whose tone and careful explanations both parents and kids will appreciate. The book puts the problem in context: ‚Äúfive million kids in the United States‚Ķgo to bed‚Ķnot knowing if they will wake up wet or dry.‚Äù What follows is a clear plan ably complemented by Gerrell‚’s superb cartoon illustrations of Max and Billy on the case as they investigate the digestive system, how a bladder works and ways to better signal the brain to get up and go. At the back of the book there is extra information about pooping and its impact on bedwetting, a word search about proper foods to eat and a ‚ÄúQ&A About Bedwetting (Just for Parents!)‚Äù

Illustrations for Max Archer by Spike

Illustrations of Billy by Spike