This weekend sees the grand opening of Monsterville at Discover story making centre here in Stratford, East London. Our very own Neal Layton has been designing his socks off alongside Ed Vere and Sarah McIntyre. They have shared the job of creating a world of monsters to inhabit the basement.

Monster by Ed Vere Lettering by Sarah McIntyre

Neal Layton has invented a monster gallery with an archive of monster books and framed monster portraits. Playing in the monster park is a monster band, each with their own monster sound on their monster instruments, you can also fish for monster fishes.

You can see more of Neal’s designs on his blog... and Sarah McIntyre has been keeping her blog updated with crazy wigs for the monster salon and monster cakes for the I-scream parlour at the Lolliplops Cafe.

Ed Vere’s cute monster silhouettes invite you down the stairs to Monsterville, found through the doors of the wardrobe, at the end of a dark, dark, tree-lined corridor, with a gaping monster mouth at it’s end – spooky!

Do come along, bring the children and meet the artists on Saturday 28th May, when admission is FREE! Or anytime until March 2012

Many thanks to Sally Goldsworthy, Paul Callaghan and Eleanor Butler at Discover.