Get ready to springity spring into a new reading season with The Thingity-Jig, written by Kathleen Doherty Author and illustrated by Kristyna Litten. Reading specialist and former educator Kathleen Doherty perfectly blends inventive upcycling with a delightful story in this wonderfully charismatic picture book.

The Thingity-Jig is a jovial frolic through the city and woods celebrating ingenuity and teams with whimsical wordplay. Under the light of a silvery moon, Bear wanders into people town and discovers a springy thing, a bouncy thing, a sit-on-it, jump-on-it thing! This Thingity-Jig is too heavy to carry home by himself, so Bear runs back to the woods and asks for help. Too bad for Bear, his friends are sleepy and shoo him away. So Bear invents a Rolly-Rumpity to wheel the Thingity-Jig home, but then it all gets stuck in the mud! How will Bear tackle this bump in the road? With a Lifty-Uppity, of course!

With an atmospheric colour palette in midnight blue hues and utterly charming characters, Kristyna  truly brings the world to life. We dare to say you will not fail to fall in love with bear and his chums, it’s an absolute delight to read aloud and share. We especially adore the fabulous artwork which features on the end papers a map style spread featuring all of the characters featured in the story. A real treat for the eyes.

The Thingity-Jig is published by Peachtree Publishing and you can carry your very own copy HERE.

Kristyna can be found on Instagram and Twitter or you can view her online portfolio HERE. For more information regarding working with Kristyna please email

Kristyna Litten - The Thingity-Jig