It’s a dream project for an illustrator when asked to create illustrations for a joke book and in this case, they picked wonderful super-skilled character creator Emily Fox to adorn the pages of TV personality, politician, and master of funny Gyles Brandreth’s hilarious new (bad) joke book.



An embarrassed Penguin?
A sunburnt elephant?
A newspaper!?

Did those jokes make you laugh? Make you groan? Maybe a bit of both? There’s a lot more where they came from.

Collected here by jokesmith Gyles Brandreth are some of the best and worst jokes ever (plus a few riddles to keep you on your toes).

From ‘Knock, knock’ to ‘Waiter waiter’, with some funny elephants and giraffes thrown in for good measure, there’s also a bit of expert joke advice, so you can show others just how funny you can be!


Here is a selection of our favourite illustrations.



What’s Black and White and Red All Over publishes with Puffin on the 20th August …Grab a copy HERE


You can find Emily on Instagram and Twitter or view her online portfolio here. For more information regarding working with her please email