Pencils at the ready, it is Story Starter Time! 


Calling all mini writers and home school heroes! Claude creator Alex T. Smith has been keeping the grey cells sharpened with a host of tantalizing story ideas to help budding young authors get their creative juices flowing. The response to Alex’s weekly Story Starter posts on Twitter has been incredible, even getting a mention from Nicolette Jones in The Times newspaper no less. We hope all those frazzled parents and carers struggling with endless home school projects have found Alex’s hilarious story starting concepts a nice break on the day.

Writers young and old are encouraged to pick one (or all three) of Alex’s tittersome prompts to start creating their own far fetched stories.

From flapjack baking warthogs, to Easter dinosaurs and unusual handbag contents there’s always something on the boil where Alex’s imagination is concerned. .. who knows… perhaps you could be the next Alex T Smith!


Alex T Smith Story StartersAlex T Smith Story Starters


Julia aged 8 was so inspired by Claude and Alex’s Story Starters project that she baked a magnificent and no doubt delicious Claude themed cake! Bravo Julia… save us a slice.

Alex T Smith Story Starters

Keep your eyes peeled for Alex’s next Story Starters post over on Twitter via @Alex_T_Smith and the hash tag #StoryStarters, we’d love to read your efforts so don’t forget you tag us in your posts too! @arenatweet

You can Follow Alex on Twitter or view his full portfolio here, for more information about working wit Alex please email