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3….2….1…get ready to blast off into outer space with the 20th Anniversary Summer Reading Challenge, featuring illustrations by Arena Illustrator Adam Stower and inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

The Summer Reading Challenge originally conceived by Anne Sarrag MBE annually encourages over three quarters of a million childrenin the UK between the ages of 4 and 11 to sign up to this inspiring reading challenge. Worldwide the challenge goes into 20 countries and is most popular in India. Readers are invited to visit their local libraries over the school holidays and read 2, 4 or 6 books of their choice. Each child signing up to this years campaign will receive a collectors booklet in which they can record the details of each of the books they read, as they finish a book they are awarded a special sticker to complete a space scene… but beware some of these stickers are mighty stinky!

So help The Rocket family track down all those books the sneaky mischievous aliens have pinched and see where the adventure takes you. (psssst you can download some great activity sheets HERE Perfect for the summer holidays!)



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This years Space Chase themed campaign has been beautifully branded by Adam Stower who’s delightful family The Rockets adorn Summer Reading Challenge promotional material across the country. From activity sheets, posters, colour-in specs and collectors cards to smelly stickers, children will not fail to be utterly absorbed by this years fun-filled space adventure. Adam created 50 unique illustrations for this inspiring campaign from kooky aliens and grannies on space bikes to rockets, planets everything in between.

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Anne Sarrag steps down from her role at the Reading Agency this year so it is an even greater privilege to have Adam Stower representing Arena Illustration on this significant anniversary of a truly invaluable initiative, long may the Summer Reading Challenge continue to go from strength to strength. Sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge and find out more HERE!

Adam is the third Arena illustrator to be associated with such a campaign alongside Steve May and Jonny Duddle.

We have also put together a fantastic Vlog featuring interviews with Adam from his seaside studio so check it out by visiting this link HERE.

View Adam’s online portfolio HERE or follow him on Instagram and Twitter.