Euan Cook‘s vibrant cover illustrations and hand rendered lettering for Gabrielle Kent‘s three book series, Alfie Bloom, have just been published by Scholastic.

Eleven-year old Alfie Bloom’s life is dull and lonely but all that changes when he is summoned to the bizarre offices of mysterious solicitor, Caspian Bone to find out that he has inherited a castle full of wonders, that has been sealed for centuries. He is further astounded to discover that he was born in that very castle six hundred years ago during a magical timeslip and he has an ancient magic hidden inside him… Unfortunately for Alfie, dangerous forces are after this powerful magic. Can he, his family, and his friends keep the magic safe from terrifying evil and protect his inheritance? Fortunately, Orin Hopcraft – the last of the great druids and Artan – the flying bearskin rug, along with his cousins Madeleine and Robin are around to lend a hand!



Alfie Bloom series illustrated by Euan Cook