We have come to our fourth and final piece on maps, and we’re ending with good old traditional black and white maps, the kind you find on the inside of a book before you delve into the pages of another world. For this last piece we have mainly featured works by Adam Stower and Thomas Flintham, but keep a look out for Levi Pinfold and Spike Gerrell too!


Adam Stower

Adam Stower Robinson Crusoe Map

Robinson Crusoe


Adam Stower Map

Keyholders Map


Adam Stower Map

Keyholders Map of Morgantown


Levi Pinfold


Levi Pinfold Wild Ones Map

The Wild Ones


Spike Gerrell



Hysterical Historicals- Marco Polo


Spike Gerrell Marco Polo Map

Hysterical Historicals- Marco Polo


Thomas Flintham


Tom Flintham Dark Wild Map

The Dark Wild


Tom Flintham Last Wild Map

The Last Wild


Tom Flintham The Wild Beyond Map

The Wild Beyond


Tom Flintham Dreamsnatcher Map




Tom’s latest map is for Abi Elphinstone‘s newly released book, The Shadow Keeper. If you want to see more of Tom’s maps and how he creates them click here.


Thomas Flintham- ShadowKeeper Map



And there we have it, some exquisite work which is usually confined to the insides of books. We’ve immensely enjoyed rummaging through all our files to bring you the best maps from the Arena library.


“It is the duty of a true poet to take the fragmented world we find ourselves in, and make unity of it.” – Robert A. Johnson


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