Susan Hellard has some new work which we couldn’t wait to show off! Sue creates exquisite pen and ink drawings with beautiful colour washes that all ages can admire. Her charismatic illustrations are full of charm and have a spontaneous quality of line which gives her work a fantastic immediacy. She is a true observer of behaviour, in people and animals, and can find human characteristics and qualities in animals which you can see throughout her work. She has the ability to sum up the ordinary and make her work humourous with a few simple strokes.


“Just “watching people” inspires me. I have always kept a “sketchbook”; it’s in inverted commas because I may only make a written observation. These observations continually find themselves in my own characterisations.”

Sue Hellard- HRH Prince Saluki


Sue Hellard- Grand Champion Dog

Sue Hellard- Bow Dog

Sue Hellard- Cat Sketch

Sue Hellard- Cat in Bowl

Sue Hellard- Boy Bridesmaid

Sue Hellard- Laptop Lady

Sue Hellard- Smart Phone Lady

Sue Hellard- Trolley Lady