Neal Layton created a magnificent mural at Discover Children’s Story Centre for the Big Draw 2015.This year’s theme is: “every drawing tells a story”.

Neal painted a huge Bartholomew Bear, joined by young helping hands, who drew and coloured bees and flowers to help decorate the large studio wall. Discover’s fantastic ‘story builder’ Alice, then wove a tale of unhappy bees, who ask Barthomew to petition the Queen and her parliament to save our native flowers. At the sight of the bear, the Queen fainted, only to be revived with royal jelly! They mended her broken crown with honey and she granted their wish. The children helped create this imaginative story, reacting to the newly created mural and went home with a packet of wildflower seeds to plant themselves to help save the bees.

A huge thanks to the team at Discover for hosting such a great event. You can visit Discover to see their fantastic new interactive exhibition for children called Bear Hunt Chocolate Cake and Bad Things, based on the brilliant writings of Michael Rosen, don’t forget to book a place before you go!

We recorded a time lapse movie of the whole process which you can see on our Video Blog.
Neal Layton Big DrawNeal Layton Big DrawNeal Layton Big Drawneal-layton_big-draw.mural-deatilneal-layton_big-draw.mural-storyNeal Layton Big Draw