Where the Bugaboo Lives An Interactive Adventure illustrated by Neal Layton, written by Sean Taylor published by Walker Books. This is a picture book where the reader chooses what happens next.


“Are you brave? Brave enough to follow Floyd and his sister Ruby, into the valley where scary things live? You can choose. This story’s not like other stories. YOU get to choose how the characters go through the book. There’s a Hungry Hobgoblin to topple and a Cool Ghoul to tickle.”


 “Brilliantly Conceived” Julia Eccleshare Love Reading for Kids

The Bugaboo is the worst monster ever to appear in a book but if you can’t face meeting him you just go back to page 11, simple. Whichever page you turn you can end up on a different adventure, children can read the book over and over choosing a new path each time, taking them on a different journey. This is a clever and engaging book artfully written and wonderfully illustrated and populated with monsters, trolls, giant spiders, crocodiles and ghouls. It’s a perfect mix of creative writing and inspiring drawing, cleverly designed by Ben Norland at Walker Books.


Here’s just a few of our favourite pages: