We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the wonderful new book for young readers by Alex T Smith about Claude and his sidekick Sir Bobblysock, who’s walk in the park leads to a walk on a tightrope as he becomes the star of the show.

Alex and his publisher Hodder Children’s Books are holding an art competition for Claude fans to have the chance for their own illustration to appear in the next Claude book. You can read all about it on Alex’s brilliant blog, where you’ll find lots of other goodies, and gorgeous drawings mainly about dogs (and occasionally rabbits).

Poppy aged 6 has been lucky enough to have her artwork appear in the latest edition of Claude, you can see it here…

And this book available from all good booksellers, it’s had so many good reviews, here’s just a couple.

The Bookbag “The illustrations are wonderful … using the black, white and red colours. Claude and Sir Bobblysock are perfectly depicted throughout and I like all the quirky humans in the story too, sometimes complete with hairy legs! The artwork has a great style, lots of character and humour in the rather retro-looking pictures.”

Library Mice “The¬†combination of Alex’s talent for writing as well as drawing, his quirky artwork,his¬†retro sense of style and his witty sense of humour¬†create a lovable hero and hugely¬†entertaining and pacy¬†stories that work well both as short stories for independent reading or as a fun read-loud.”