Fred Gambino our new digital artist has been working as a Concept Designer both here in the UK and in the United States & Canada. He is able to visualise future worlds, alien planets, far off galaxies, or imagined fantasy landscapes. His portfolio page on our site is just the tip of the iceburg. One image called Downtown, is from a series of artworks that Fred created in his role as Art Director for the film Escape from Planet Earth for  Rainmaker Entertainment in Vancouver.

We thought it would be good to show you a few more of those images, showing off his skills to full effect.

You can see more of his concept art on his website too.

Area 51

Area 51 vehicle 1

Area 51 vehicle 3

Basa 2

Basa 3

Basa 4

Basa 6

Basa 9

Basa 11

Basa 13

Basa 19

Gary’s House