This month we celebrate the publication of the unmissable follow-up to the bestselling and multi-award-winning The Last Bear - Finding Bear hits the shelves on the 28th of September, published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.

Hannah Gold is a gifted and inspirational writer full of heart, love for her characters and a passion for the environment. Her respect for the natural world will enable a new generation with the tools to do battle into the future with a loud ROAR!!

With glistening frozen glaciers and luminescent aurora borealis, Levi Pinfold has created yet another spellbinding cover illustration for this book.

We asked Levi about working on the illustrations,

"I’m hugely proud to be illustrating Hannah’s books.  I love them for so many reasons, not least their adventurous spirit and beautiful discussion of themes so close to my heart.  Finding Bear is another first-rate Hannah Gold story, and I’m very lucky to have been involved!"

A year and a half has passed since her adventure on Bear Island, April has grown and Dad has found love. 

April returns to Svalbard with her Dad to bravely answer Bear's roar.  With the help of her friend Tor and tracker Hedde, April and Dad set off on sleds led by huskies into the Arctic sunrise under the pretense of looking for the aurora borealis. But the harsh reality of ever finding her soul-mate Bear hits her like the icy wind and driving snow of an Arctic winter. Svalbard means 'cold shores' after all. Witnessing first hand the effects of climate change on both the landscape and the polar bears, the glaciers are melting, the bears are starving. The calm after a terrible storm brings not only the magical Northern Lights but also an emotional reunion with Bear. 

The incredibly moving reason that Bear needs April's help is found hidden in an ice cave, a baby polar bear cub. But April is lost and alone, how can she save this small cub in such a harsh environment. She must navigate the dangerous Arctic terrain and face her deepest fears if she’s to save him.

After a terrifying brush with death on a melted glacier April and the cub are saved, we witness how the power of love can not only save a small bear cub but secure her own family. Finding Bear is a stunning story of survival and hope that reminds us how change is made from the smallest beginnings and asks how far we are prepared to go to protect what we love.

"If the Arctic had taught her anything, it was the power of love. How it is never finite, But how it can grow into something far bigger. Big enough to change worlds"

We were lucky to have Hannah's input at the start of this project, she shared photos of her own research trip to Svalbard, the frozen blue glacier, the tundra, snow dogs and the sleds and the interior of the type of cabin April finds herself alone in after the storm.

After pouring over the manuscript Levi begins his creative process digitally, building landscapes, scanning textures, adding highlights, and creating immersive environments.  Working with a detailed brief from the art director, Elorine Grant at Harper Collins, once the initial roughs are approved Levi works on adding in detail and refining character with the finished illustrations perfectly complimenting the beautifully written text. Levi has used his skills in monotone for Finding Bear, his emphasis on light and dark have resulted in a series of highly atmospheric emotive illustrations which are featured throughout the book.

You can see a few of our favourite illustrations from Finding Bear on Levi's Portfolio, we hope you love them as much as we do.

You can find out more about Levi’s creative process in this video created for the publication of The Last Bear

Order a signed copy of this stunning hardback book HERE or at your local independent book shop.



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