Tom Flintham, Demon Dinner Ladies Cover


The winners of the Blue Peter Best Story Award, Pamela Butchart and Tom Flintham are back! The author and illustrator of Baby Aliens Got My Teacher, The Spy Who Loved School Dinners, and My Headteacher Is A Vampire Rat have a new title to announce, The Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies. And you’ll be glad to know no children were eaten by dinner ladies in the making of this book, published by Nosy Crow.

Tom Flintham- Demon DInner Ladies


Izzy and her friends are suspicious. School dinners have changed for the worse and the dinner ladies are wearing hats and smiling creepily. Why are seagulls hanging around and WHAT’S in the new pie??

But it’s when Maisie disappears that they KNOW. The dinner ladies are EVIL and they’re going to ATTACK!!


TomFLintham- Demon Dinner Ladies

Tom Flintham- Demon Dinner Ladies

Tom Flintham- Demon Dinner Ladies- Izzy

Tom Flintham- Demon Dinner Ladies- Ping Pong


Tom and Pamela have been Shortlisted for the Red House Children’s Book Award and The Sunday Times says it has “Adventure, humour and imagination.” Well done Tom and Pamela!