The Adventures of Long Arm. A laugh out loud new adventure from children’s TV presenters SAM & MARK published on 2nd July from Scholastic. Brought to life by the equally funny illustrations by Aleksei Bitskoff who’s off the wall sense of humour shines through the pages.

“One small boy. One very looooong arm. One HUGE adventure! After a bizarre toilet cleaning incident (don’t ask), ordinary schoolboy Ricky Mitre is transformed into LONG ARM enemy of bully-kind defender of the short, and all round lean, mean reaching machine!”


Aleksei Bitskoff

published by Scholastic

Aleksei Bitskoff

Simon and Mr Pinkerton

aleksei-bitskoff_adventures-of-long-arm-3 aleksei-bitskoff_adventures-of-long-arm-2 aleksei-bitskoff_adventures-of-long-arm-1