Bert and Winnie are Thomas Flintham‚’s super brother and sister duo for Bonkers World -¬†the new kids‚’ magazine for Best Western Hotels Kids‚’ Club.¬†The children‚’s motto is Discover & Explore, which is exactly what they do with the help of their¬†loveable sidekick, Gordon the Hamster.

In each issue, the trio find themselves in different locations and seek out adventure, getting into high jinx with a truly random assortment of characters along the way! And if that wasn‚’t enough entertainment, there are also plenty of puzzles, activities, facts and fun throughout ‚Äì mazes, dot-to-dots, riddling riddles, competitions, quizzes and (occasionally) the odd recipe¬†too!

A huge thanks to writer and editor extraordinare, Claire McDonald, and super designer, Jo Ryland, at Cedar, who dreamed up Bert, Winnie and their Bonkers World!