Steve May has been working with our friends at Discover Children’s Story Centre on their brand new exhibition SUPERHEROES. They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect candidate as Steve is an actual superhero and when he’s not drawing illustrations for us he disappears into a phone box, sports a rather fine cape and saves the universe from meanies.

The brief was to create the underground Alphabet City plagued by an evil villain ‘Y’ who has stolen all the vowels, the five superhero characters A,E,I,O and U are there to save the city and each has their own superpowers. First of all the characters were created and each of their personalities was explained in a comic strip

Superpowers range from X-Ray Vision to Time Travel, Super Strength to Mind Reading, led by I, with the powers of Invisibilty and Invincibilty. The city they inhabit was purely from Steve’s imagination. A has invented a supercar, made real by the talents of Paul Callahan in the exhibition space where Steve created an animation to visualise the chase through the city streets in persuit of evil Villain Y. When children enter the city they are led into a control room where I asks for their help.

With thanks to Eleanor Butler, Paul Callaghan and Sally Goldsworthy at Discover.