Here are some more of Adam Stower’s drawings from the book¬†Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman published in the UK in a small hardback edition by Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Adam works in brush line with indian ink on paper, he perfectly captures the narrative of the adventure story, bringing the characters to life, with his sensitive drawing skills.

Odd sets off ¬†on his adventure with the Norse Gods; Loki the fox, Odin as an owl and the bear, Thor who all need Odd’s help to defeat the the terrible frost giants.

You can read a good review of Odd on Love Reading4 Kids website written by Julia Eccleshare.

Odd in the great woods. A fox stares at Odd.

Talking, who us? The frozen waterfall.

You have drunk from my spring. The Frost Giant peered down at Odd.

Then Odd looked down. Odd returns to the village.