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Levi Pinfold Portfolio

The Worlds We Leave Behind

Published by Bloomsbury

'And what will you do?' he said. "We will simply persuade the world to forget them." she snapped her fingers. 'Like that," she said.

This is a philosophical novel that reads like an adventure, with an element of fairytale.  A “what if” story about alternative versions of lives, and the consequences of our actions, in which the disappearance of a person from your past can change the colour of your carpet. It raises moral questions and has an open ending. Levi Pinfold adds dark, realist, atmospheric illustrations that heighten the drama.” The Sunday Times

“Luxuriantly illustrated by the fabulous Levi Pinfold. Pinfold’s images get very creepy, matching the fairy tale subject matter.  This exceptional book about friendship and paths not taken should rake in awards.” Observer, The New Review

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Worlds We Leave Behind cover artwork
by Levi Pinfold
Sascha playing on the lawn
The woman and Leafy appeared
Hex walked towards the cottage with Leafy at his side
They realised they weren't alone
The Cottage was dimly lit by starlight
published by Bloomsbury
Worlds We Leave Behind cover design
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