Positioned at the helm of the creative industry, Arena Illustration confidently chart a course through all aspects of design, publishing and licencing, representing probably the best illustrators in the world. 


       Through 2021 and beyond we look forward to introducing you to our roster of world renowned, award-winning  illustrators and best-selling authors. We strengthen our reputation for successfully matching the perfect artist with a wide variety of creative projects. At the heart of our vision, we pride ourselves in nurturing distinctive concepts and ideas, having established a portfolio of home-grown licenses and brands across all media platforms. We excel in helping to build imaginary worlds, unforgettable characters and growing properties with significant brand potential. We delight in the limitless opportunities we can create for both our clients and our artists. 


From the prehistoric, to the far reaches of outer space and beyond, we hope you enjoy exploring our Showcase 2021, highlighting the latest and greatest work from both established and emerging talents.


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