Aleksei Bitskoff, Long Arm 2 Cover

The BAFTA winning Children’s TV presenters Sam and Mark are back, with Scholastic publishing their next installment of Long Arm’s adventures! Luckily we have Aleksei Bitskoff to illustrate Ricky Mitre, the real name of Long Arm, the superhero who is still getting into trouble. He is always in trouble with his extremely grumpy and rather trumpy teacher, Mr Pinkerton, then one day, a new super cool supply teacher turns up, or at least, that’s what they think. Ricky thinks his problems are solved, but are they?


‘When the world is in danger, the heroic Long Arm… is always willing to lend a hand! (A whole arm, actually.) But when zoo animals start disappearing, it seems Long Arm might have finally met his match.’


Aleksei Bitskoff- Long Arm





Aleksei Bitskoff- Long Arm

Aleksei Bitskoff- Long Arm, Fight

Aleksei Bitskoff- Long Arm, Hippo