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Simon Bartram Portfolio


Published by Templar Books

Rufus is a truly splendid monster. He just doesn't feel like a tip-top scary monster. That's because he doesn't have a PEOPLEY PERSON to scare. Rufus sets out to find one - but where are they all hiding?

This big green guy will steal your heart and give you a big monster hug just for good measure. Read more about Rufus in our news article.

Simon Bartram - RUFUS cover
Simon Bartram - RUFUS: Super-Stinky
Rufus was a truly splendid monster
Simon Bartram - RUFUS: Peopley Persons
Rufus had read about Peopley Persons in books
Simon Bartram - RUFUS: Ready to Scare
All he saw was a van full of vampires
Simon Bartram - RUFUS: In the Clouds?
There wasn't a single Peopley Person ANYWHERE
Simon Bartram - RUFUS: Super Spooky Party
"Come and have some FUN!"
Simon Bartram - RUFUS: Daisy Wasn't a Ghost
Simon Bartram - RUFUS: Monster Hug!
"I'm your friend forever..."
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