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Euan Cook Portfolio

My Story: Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan

Published by Scholastic

This is the thrilling story of a British-Indian World War Two heroine who was forced to flee Nazi-occupied France, along with hundreds of families. Noor refuses to stand by while Nazi forces invade her home and terrorise her people, so she travels to England and signs up to join the war efforts, despite her mother’s wishes. It isn’t long before her talents are noticed and she is chosen by Winston Churchill to sneak back into France as an undercover agent. Noor returns home… Can she keep her true identity hidden, report her findings back to London and help the Allies win the war?

Euan Cook - My Story: Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan
Cover illustration
Euan Cook - My Story: Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan
Wraparound cover artwork
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