Polka Theatre chose Mélanie Delon to bring to life the poster illustration for their enchanting production based on the children’s classic fairytale, Beauty & The Beast. Mélanie’s female character has an ethereal beauty that perfectly conveys the nature of the timid but courageous Belle, who must overcome her fears to discover the true meaning of beauty.

Set in 1790, the play is a period piece and Polka wanted the poster to acknowledge that era but also have a fresh, contemporary feel that would appeal to boys as well as girls. Their twist on the much-loved fairytale has a dreamlike quality to it so it was vital that Mélanie created an image that was both magical and mysterious for maximum impact.

Mélanie’s process from rough sketches to final artwork gives us an interesting insight into how she created such an atmospheric piece which could work in a variety of different formats. As you can see from the images below, she built up the detail little by little, reacting to the comments from the client at each stage.

Melanie Delon initial rough digital sketches for Beauty and the Beast

Initial rough digital sketches


Melanie Delon second stage rough digital sketches for Beauty and the Beast

Refining the sketch and building up detail


Finaly artwork by Melanie Delon for Beauty and the Beast

Final Artwork

Beauty & The Beast will be playing to audiences at Polka Theatre, in Wimbledon from 20th November 2015 to 14th February 2016 and is targeted at children from 6 upwards. This will be a fun and festive winter warmer and a perfect Christmas treat for the whole family. You can pre-book tickets here.