Arena illustration welcomes new artist, Serena Malyon, a talented young Canadian Illustrator to our list. We were blown away by her beautiful lyrical line, gorgeous colour palette and engaging narratives. When she sent us her samples she stood out a mile. We really hope she will find a good partnership with a publisher who will nurture her unique talent and use her gorgeous images to enrich their books. You can read more of her biography on her portfolio, freshly uploaded onto our website where there’s more of her lovely work to view. Serena was voted as a rising star of 2014 on Muddy Colors, fantasy art collective. You can also read more about Serena on her own website where she explains in detail the thinking behind the pictures she creates.

The first image is the tale of Thumbelina, in the story, a tiny girl gets abducted by toads, who wish to marry her to their prince. She is their prisoner, trapped upon a lily pad, until she gets freed by fish.


Thumbelina Serena Malyon



This is Serena’s tribute to the book The Subtle Knife, by Philip Pullman. Lyra, Will, Pantalaimon and the tabby cat cross worlds as they escape from Oxford to Cittàgazze.

Out of Oxford by Serena Malyon

Out of Oxford


This next illustration, Frieze will be appearing in Spectrum 21.

Serena Malyon Frieze




This illustration follows the path of Arya in A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin. Serena wanted to chronicle all of the death that she has encountered on her journey.

Valar Morghulis Serena Malyon

Valar Morghulis