We are very proud to introduce a new Arena illustrator, Alejandro Colucci. He is an award-winning artist who is comfortable illustrating fantasy, crime, horror, historic fiction and science fiction publications across the globe. His illustrations have adorned the covers of many bestselling writers including H.G. Wells, Ursula K. Le Guin, J.G. Ballard, Anne Rice, William Gibson, Mario Puzo and Patricia Cornwell to name just a few.

Alejandro works in a variety of techniques both traditional and digital and is influenced by artists such as Gustave Dore, Frank Frazetta, comic artist Alberto Breccia and photographer, Jan Saudek. His artwork engages the viewer to give an emotional response to his subjects.

Here are a few new images by Alejandro hot off the press, but to see more have a look at his online portfolio.

Walls of Byzantium by James Heneage, published by Quercus

The World’s Secret Song by Jose Antonio Cotrina, published by Hidra

The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham, published by RBA