We’ve found some more artwork in the Arena Archives¬†by David Hitch. These lovely artworks were produced for the Blanding novels by P.G. Wodehouse and were commissioned by Penguin Books. David says:

“I spent many months ensconced at Lord Emsworth’s stately seat, producing the cover artwork for the humourous tales penned by P G Wodehouse about the goings-on at Blandings Castle.

What a fantastic job  to provide the illustrations for the Blandings series of stories as well as over 30 other P. G. Wodehouse covers which I must say proceeded without the slightest kerfuffle.
Such fantastic characters and witty narratives to illustrate, I even became acquainted with the Empress Lord Emsworth’s enormous black Berkshire sow who would stare up at me with those piggy eyes from the artwork.”

Here’s some artworks for your delictation

Sunset at Blandings

Something Fresh

Uncle Fred Omnibus

Full Moon at Blandings

Uncle Fred in the Springtime

Life at Blandings

Galahad at Blandings