Simon Bartram’s character Bob, Man on the Moon was first published in 1992 and the Bob books have become a picture book phenomenon reaching sales of 250,000 and winning Simon The Blue Peter Book Award.

To celebrate Bob’s 10th Birthday, Templar are launching Simon’s new picture book, Bob and the Moontree Mystery.

“Bob is truly stumped by the arrival of a mysterious Moontree growing out of crater 483. Moontree questions ping around his head – where did it come from? How did it get here? And why does Bob feel like it’s his job to protect the tree and it’s golden podberries?”

Watch out for forthcoming events and competitions on Bob, the Man on the Moon’s website.

Bob and Barry looked at each other in astonishment. Whatever could it be?

Day after day more space tourists arrived, astounded at the incredible sight.

Through a thinning sea of podberries, Bob and Barry looked down wide-eyed at the moon.

They were soon snoring soundly in the drifting tree house.

From the curl of his quiff to the tips of his toes, Bob was bamboozled.