In 1998 we had a call from John Hamilton the art director at Penguin Books asking whether David Hitch would like to do a few presentation samples of Jeeves and Wooster. The brief was quite open, John just asked for character led book cover designs which left space at the top, or bottom, for title type. David jumped right on it and produced a set of delightful sketches which then went off to the P G Wodehouse estate for approval. After a nail biting wait they received a stamp of approval and David began illustrating the paperback covers for one of the most influential writers of the 20th Century.

It took him nearly 3 years to complete all 42 illustrations, each artwork was hand painted in gouache, mounted onto board with an overlay and delivered to Penguin’s offices in Kensington, where Alice Wright waved a magic wand, added the hand drawn type and luckily most covers got through without a hitch (get it ~ hitch!)

We’ve collated the covers here for you to see and also included some of our favourite originals.